The Woodland Elves Vocabulary List

Website-vocablist-PDFdownloadWithin the pages of The Woodland Elves there may be some words you have never met before. If you are unsure of their meaning, they would like to introduce themselves to you. There may be other definitions for the following words. The definitions we included best match the use of the word in the book itself. In alphabetical order, we proudly present the following words:

Beckoned (page 15)
to signal (someone) with your arm or hand in order to tell that person to come closer

Blur (page 11)
something that you cannot see clearly

Chaos (page 42)
complete confusion and disorder

Clatter (page 43)
a quick series of short loud sounds

Commotion (page 51)
noisy excitement and confusion

Consequence (page 15)
something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions

Consummate (page 15)
very good or skillful

Dwelling (page 47)
a place where people live

Enchanted (page 31)
beautiful, interesting, charmed

Foliage (page 35)
the leaves of a plant or of many plants

Hovered (page 35)
Floating in the air without moving in any direction

Inhabitants (page 11)
a person or animal living in a particular place

Refuge (page 37)
a place where you are sheltered from danger

Roused (page 42)
to be waked from sleep

Rumbled (page 37)
a low, heavy sound or series of sounds

Rustle (page 11)
a soft, light sound caused when things are touching each other

Scurrying (page 25)
moving quickly and with short steps

Stock (page 21)
to “take stock” is to carefully think about something in order to make a decision do next

Trudged (page 33)
to walk slowly and heavily because you are tired or working very hard

Vanished (page 29)
to disappear entirely without a clear explanation

Here are the words in order of their appearance in the book:

  • rustle (page 11)
  • blur (page 11)
  • inhabitants (page 11)
  • consummate (page 15)
  • consequence (page 15)
  • beckoned (page 15)
  • stock (page 21)
  • scurrying (page 25)
  • boundless (page 29)
  • vanished (page 29)
  • enchanted (page 31)
  • trudged (page 33)
  • foliage (page 35)
  • hovered (page 35)
  • rumbled (page 37)
  • refuge (page 37)
  • chaos (page 42)
  • roused (page 42)
  • clatter (page 43)
  • dwelling (page 47)
  • commotion (page 51)

PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Within the pages of The Woodland Elves, there may be some words children have never read before. It is with great pride that we include these vocabulary words to challenge them.

Instead of limiting their vocabularies, we hope to challenge children in a positive way to discover some exciting, new words. Setting high expectations will give them an opportunity to explore some new vocabulary words. Children are never too young to begin celebrating the power of language and discover that word are the bridge that connects us all!