Parent/Child Activities

Take some time to explore the wonder and magic of the world around you, and express thanks for all the little things that make life so amazing! Here are some ways the Elves can bring their spirit into your home!

The Thankfulness Jar

The Woodland Elves are happy and thankful. For obvious reasons, they place a high priority on the small things in life. Here’s how you can, too!

Put a jar in a high–traffic place in the house (like the kitchen, for example), and put a penny in it every time something you are thankful for happens. You can go to the bank and get $10 converted into pennies, and keep some close to the jar. Encourage your children to focus on the small, everyday miracles—like a good meal, a sunny day, or a belly laugh.

Help kids see that thankfulness is not just for the big things, but for the little ones, too (and most of all)!



Elf scavenger hunt

Find everyday things that elves could use in unexpected ways! It can be as simple or complex as you want, based on the age of the child. This helps kids see that things are not always what they appear, and objects can be used in ways that might not always be expected. At any age, this can help children boost their imaginations!

For example:

  • Thimble as drinking glass
  • Kleenex as bed sheet
  • Toothpick as cane
  • Bottle cap as bowl
  • Cheerios as elf donuts



Elf map

The secret lives of elves are just that–a secret. But considering where they could live in your house/yard can be great fun! Draw a simple map of your house and yard and put in all the possible elf hideaways! Include trees, elf homes, elf hideouts and as many other things as capture your imagination. Let the Elves loose in your heart and home!

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