Upcoming publications

The Woodland Elves project is much more than a single book initiative. Here, we show just a glimpse into the magical adventure that lies ahead with the Elves.

  • The Woodland Elves (the original book)
  • The Woodland Elves (the toddler book for younger children)
  • The Music of The Woodland Elves (musical CD that accompanies the book)
  • The Parade of Gnomes Homes (a poetry book & photographic nature fantasy of elfin homes found around the world)
  • The Secret Lives of the Elves (a book written by the elves themselves sharing community secrets)
  • Woodland Elf Campfire Songs & Nature Tunes
  • The Woodland Elves Go Further Down the Trail
  • Welcome to Nature
  • Meet the Elf Families — 20 homes, 20 families (Meet and get to know Tanglewood, Barely-Crumb, Beanpod, Finnegan, Milkweed, Tinklepaw, and more!)
  • Elf1300x300Guided Visualization Book: Stories and Music from the Natural World (Stories and photos of showcasing the best elfin qualities: teamwork, attitude, challenges, courage, dream, and responsibility!)

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