The One and Only Woodland Elves Trail Adventure

For those who belief in magic, DREAMS BEGIN HERE.

You will enter the woods as a stranger… And leave the woods as a friend of the woodland elves.

  • A private ¼ mile nature trail in The One & Only Forest in Marion, OH (from the book, The Woodland Elves)
  • 2½ hour multigenerational guided adventure in the woods meant to be enjoyed by one & all
  • Creative moments for those who believe in the possibility that elves & fairies might exist
  • The happy union of nature, creativity, magic and fun
  • Exciting educational experience including a scavenger hunt through the woods, a craft project, storytelling, many nature discovery centers, music and more ( Activities are age appropriate and vary based on individual groups)
  • A tree house
  • A moment in time that will promote literacy, the love of nature, art, and Oneness with all of creation
  • A “magical experience” together in the woods, where the focus is on imagination. Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult.
RECOMMENDED FOR ALL AGES (but especially 4-104). A childlike spirit is required.
  • Everyone is welcome– Individuals and groups.
  • Scout groups/ School groups/ Church groups ( Special times can be arranged for specific groups)
  • Families are encouraged to come together –parents & grandparents and invited to come with the children
  • Play dates and after school events welcomed
  • Out of town guests looking for something unique to do in Marion, Oh
  • Birthday parties and educational workshops available
  • Adult and senior groups, service organizations, ( with or without children)
  • Anyone who believes in the spirit of the elves and believes we need to treasure our natural world
  • All activities & presentations are flexible and geared toward the group itself
  • Many groups bring a sack lunch and eat in the treehouse or at the tables in the woods
MOTHER NATURE DICTATES WHEN THE TRAIL IS OPEN. ( Beginning in spring when the Ohio weather is warm enough to be outside for 2½ hours and ending in the fall when it gets too cold. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

The One & Only Trail Adventure is seasonal and even in the spring, summer and fall, it is not open every day. Reservations can be made by calling or texting 740-225-8391. Check our facebook page for updates during those seasons as well.

  • or groups of 8 or more, special arrangements can be made.
  • E-mail or send a private facebook message to Shary Williamson or call 740-225-8391
  • Limited space is available so be sure to make reservations.
  • Check the calendar on our facebook page or just call Shary.

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