The Enchanted Village

The Woodland Elves present THE ENCHANTED VILLAGE

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived a family of elves.

Actually, an entire village of elves! THE WOODLAND ELVES… Grandmother got to know them quite well and discovered the secrets of the forest.

We all know that our world contains more magical moments than we can possibly imagine. Some of these magical moments go by simple names: sunshine, laughter, friendship, imagination, love, and some go by other names—like “elves”!

If you can SEE with your HEART, we would like to share one of those magical moments with you and invite you to come see our indoor enchanted village.. Take a minute and come experience what it’s like to be HUMAN in an ELVES WORLD.

There are hundreds of good reasons for you to come visit central Ohio’s only enchanted village. But one of them is simply to have fun and experience the adventure with us.

So, on behalf of the family team of the Woodland Elves, if you are in the area of Marion, Ohio, we would like to invite you to join us and step into this tiny enchanted world.

We guarantee you will catch a glimpse of an unexplored world you have never seen before.

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