The Elves in the News

Retired teacher shares story of woodland elves” (Marion Star, May 11, 2014)

Williamson told the kids it’s OK to be different, and said their current interests and personalities will follow then into grown-up life. 

“My message to you is that life is meant to be enjoyed, no matter what your age,” Williamson told the gathering. [Click here to continue reading the article.]

Grandmother inspires joy with help of elves” (Marion Star, June 17, 2013)

There is magic all around Shary Williamson’s yard.

The retired teacher has introduced her five grandchildren to the wonders of nature and imagination with a little help from some of Marion’s woodland elves. When they visit her house on Uhler Road, they often find little elf homes, doors, notes and other evidence of elfin magic.

With the help of musician Russ Kendall and illustrator Jay Johnston, Williamson is creating a book and CD to share the story of the elves with her grandkids and many other people with childish enthusiasm. [Click here to continue reading the article.]