The Woodland Elves Mad Libs

The (TYPE OF BIRD)’s nest was their favorite spot as it was the highest point in the treehouse. (BOY NAME) was the oldest of his (NUMBER) brothers. His desire for adventure one day was particularly strong. He made the decision to climb out of the nest and just keep on going as high as the (COLOR) tree would allow him to go.

Grandmother had a very strict rule about going no higher than the nest. (BOY NAME ABOVE) knew there would surely be a consequence for his (ADJECTIVE) actions at the end of the day. But at that moment, he simply didn’t care.

Step by step, he climbed up (NUMBER) branch(es). He was keenly concentrating on the thickness of each branch that he was using as his ladder. One (ADJECTIVE) branch could break and cause him to find the (COLOR) ground much faster and sooner than he would have hoped. The climb made him feel like he was the “(ROYAL TITLE; I.E., “KING”) of the Forest”.



Finally, there were no more branches. He had reached the very top of the old tree and the entire world spread below him. His new view of the world was (ADJECTIVE). (BOY NAME) had never experienced the feeling of thinking he could touch the (SOMETHING YOU FIND IN THE SKY). For a moment, he felt like he was the clouds, the trees, the breeze and all of it. (BOY NAME ABOVE) was paying very close attention to every detail of his new found spot in the woods; the busy (TYPE OF INSECT), the chirping (TYPE OF BIRD), and the unusually active (TYPE OF ANIMAL THAT LIVES IN TREES). As he was sitting high in the tree enjoying the excitement of the world beneath him, a rather curious thing happened.

From high up in the air, he saw his first Woodland Elf. Actually, he saw (BIG NUMBER) of them. At first, he thought they were creatures of the insect world, like (TYPE OF INSECT). There were so many of them and they were busily moving out of the woods in a most organized manner. They were unaware of his presence as he was so far above them. (BOY NAME ABOVE) remained absolutely motionless, afraid to move for fear they would hear him and disappear into the woods.

Rather quickly, another terribly unexpected event occurred. The (PART OF A TREE) he was sitting on began to split and with a loud (TYPE OF NOISE; I.E. “SNAP,” “BOOM,” “CRACK”), it snapped in half. (BOY NAME ABOVE) grabbed hold of anything he could but nothing was strong enough to keep him high in the treetop. He tumbled down (NUMBER) of branches, grabbing (PART OF A TREE) and (TYPE OF INSECT) and just about everything else on his way.

Leaves scattered everywhere. He followed the same path down through the tree that the branch he was sitting on took. Fortunately, he made the journey down with little trouble.



With no warning, (BOY NAME ABOVE) landed on the (COLOR) ground below looking rather (ADJECTIVE) and probably (ADJECTIVE) to an entire community of elves who didn’t even have time to run away. He could hardly believe his (ADJECTIVE) fortune. He wanted to give the elves the immediate impression that he would do them no harm. But, having never met an elf before, he had no idea what to say or do. (BOY NAME ABOVE) and the elves simply stared at each other.


(BOY NAME ABOVE) suspected their first temptation was to run away as (SPEED) as they could. But they did not. He was (POSITIVE EMOTION; I.E. “HAPPY,” “EXCITED”) with their (ADJECTIVE) trust of him, the strange being who landed abruptly in their midst. Their lack of fear surprised him and made the rather unexpected meeting all the more memorable. At the very least, the sight of a human had to be an unsettling element for them to face at the beginning of their evening fun.

(BOY NAME ABOVE)‘s surprising calmness and joy must have made all the difference. The elves cautiously approached him and began inspecting his needs. One elf began picking (PART OF A TREE)out of his hair. Others lovingly attended to his minor cuts and scrapes. Little did he know that this moment would forever change his view of the woods….that indeed, this very instant would change his entire life.

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