“The Miracles of Nature” Mad Lib

The (COLOR) snow on the (COLOR) ground had started to melt, and the (COLOR) sun shone bright and warm on all the living things in the forest.

Icicles melted, dripping (SPEED; I.E. “QUICKLY” OR “SLOWLY”) onto the ground, making (SIZE), sticky mud puddles.

Rivers thawed, and the (COLOR), (COLOR), and (COLOR) (ANIMAL THAT LIVES IN WATER) started moving to and fro.

Bears stretched and yawned, waking up from their long winter sleep, ready to go out of their caves and find something to eat.

Seeds, deep in the ground, started to stretch their (COLOR) leaves up, up, up, poking them out of the ground and looking for the (TEMPERATURE; I.E. “WARM” OR “COLD”) rays of (COLOR) sunshine.

Caterpillars inched their way up and across the (COLOR) (PART OF A FLOWER), eating them up as they went. They had to fill up their bellies before they spun themselves into a cocoon and got ready to turn into beautiful, silky, (COLOR), (COLOR), and (COLOR) butterflies.

Dragonflies buzzed back and forth, their silvery wings shimmering in the sunshine.
(COLOR) hummingbirds drank nectar from flowers, their wings flapping so quickly they were nothing but a blur.

Bees flew about, gathering the (COLOR) pollen and flying back to their hive, ready to make delicious, sweet honey.

The spring world buzzed, hummed, and flew about with life. Nature’s miracles happened everywhere. The earth was once again awake.

What other magical things can you find in nature?

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