“Rolly Helps Flutter” Mad Lib

Rolly the Elf woke up one sunny morning and rubbed his (COLOR) eyes. Today was the first day of (SEASON)! It was going to be a (ADJECTIVE) day!

Rolly lived in the trunk of a (TYPE OF FRUIT) tree. He walked to his window and looked outside. The sky was (COLOR), and looked (ADJECTIVE)! Flutter the Butterfly flew by, flapping her (COLOR) wings.

“Good morning, Rolly!” she said.

“Good morning, Flutter!” Rolly replied.

Rolly made himself a (SIZE) breakfast of (TYPE OF CEREAL), (TYPE OF FRUIT), and (DRINK). After he finished eating, he went outside and decided to (OUTDOOR ACTIVITY).

“Help!” he heard as he walked past a (TYPE OF FLOWER). “Help!”

Rolly looked around and saw Flutter stuck in a bush! He ran to her.

“Flutter! You’re stuck!” he said.

“Yes, I am!” Flutter replied.

“I will help you get free!” Rolly told her.

“Oh, but you are too small,” Flutter said sadly.

“I will still try!” Rolly said.

Rolly tried to reach up to Flutter, but she was too high up in the bush. Then he tried to jump, but he couldn’t jump high enough.

“See?” said Flutter with a frown. “You’re too small!”

Rolly felt (EMOTION; I.E. “SAD” OR “EXCITED”). Maybe he was too small to help his friend. But he thought he could help her! He knew he could!

He looked up at the bush. He may be too small to reach up to Flutter, and he may be too short to jump to her—but he could climb!

“Hold on tight, Flutter!” he said. “I’m coming to help you!” And, with that, he jumped up on the nearest leaf, and started to climb. He went up, up, up! Climbed up (COLOR) leaves, and (COLOR) leaves, and (COLOR) leaves. He climbed up (NUMBER) (COLOR) branches. Finally, he got to Flutter.

“Rolly!” Flutter exclaimed happily. “You made it all the way up!”

“I knew I could!” said Rolly with a smile. “Now I can help you!” Rolly carefully helped Flutter, untangling her (ADJECTIVE) (COLOR) wings from the (COLOR) leaves. Finally, Flutter was free and able to flap her wings!

“Thank you!” she said gratefully, as she flew away.

Rolly climbed down the (COLOR) leaves, (COLOR) leaves, and (COLOR) leaves. He carefully went down (NUMBER) branches. Finally, he jumped on the ground and looked up, seeing Flutter flying away.

Rolly smiled and said to himself, “I may have been too small to reach and too short to jump—but I knew there had to be a way to help my friend. Even the smallest things can have a big impact! I’m so glad I was able to help Flutter!”

And, with that, he put his hands in his pockets and continued on his walk, happily bouncing down the lane.

What is the moral of the story?

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