“Little Things Are The Best Things” Mad Lib

It was (BOY’S NAME)’s seventh birthday, and he had (NUMBER) (COLOR), (COLOR), and (COLOR) candles on his cake.

“Happy birthday to you!” everyone sang.

(BOY NAME ABOVE) got ready to blow out the candles on the cake. “Make a wish!” his best friend (GIRL’S NAME) said.

(BOY NAME ABOVE) closed his (COLOR) eyes and made a wish.

“What did you wish for?” asked (GIRL NAME ABOVE).

“I can’t tell you,” said (BOY NAME ABOVE). “If I do, the wish won’t come true!”

(GIRL NAME ABOVE) was very curious. She wanted to know if (BOY NAME ABOVE)’s wish would come true. In the days following (BOY NAME ABOVE)’s party, (GIRL NAME ABOVE) carefully watched her friend to see if any big, exciting things happened to (BOY NAME ABOVE).

Day after day, life remained the same. (GIRL NAME ABOVE) and (BOY NAME ABOVE) took a (SCHOOL SUBJECT) test; they both got (HIGH GRADE). They went to the (FUN PLACE TO GO), and had a great time (SOMETHING YOU DO AT THE FUN PLACE). They went with their families to the movie theater and watched (NAME OF MOVIE); they laughed and laughed until their bellies hurt.

Nothing big happened. Nothing special happened. Life stayed the same.

Finally, (GIRL NAME ABOVE)’s curiosity got to be too much. As she was sitting across from (BOY NAME ABOVE) one day in the school cafeteria, she asked him. “What did you wish for on your birthday?”

(BOY NAME ABOVE) thought for a moment, and then smiled. “I guess I can tell you,” he said, “since it already happened.”

“Really?!” asked (GIRL NAME ABOVE). She was surprised. Had something happened to (BOY NAME ABOVE) while (GIRL NAME ABOVE) wasn’t with him? But they did everything together!

“Yes,” said (BOY NAME ABOVE). “I wished that we would have a great week. I wished that we would do well in school and that we would have fun together.”

(GIRL NAME ABOVE) was surprised. She thought (BOY NAME ABOVE) would have wished for something big, exciting, and important. “Why did you wish for something so simple?” she asked her friend.

“Because things don’t need to be big to be exciting or important,” (BOY NAME ABOVE) said.

(GIRL NAME ABOVE) thought about the great week she’d had with (BOY NAME ABOVE): Great grades, a fun time, a good movie. She nodded.

“You’re right,” (GIRL NAME ABOVE) said. “Sometimes, it’s the little things that are the best things.”

What are some of the wonderful little things in your life?

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